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Furniture and Appliance Donations Needed

I am often asked by clients where they can donate their old, but still serviceable, furniture and appliances.  I thought it may be time to post this again, as I hear this organization is in need of donations!  Continue reading


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We Do Feet – New Phone Number

I have posted in the past regarding the help offered by We Do Feet, an organization in Hudson which serves the entire St. Croix Valley area in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  If you have furniture or appliances you wish to donate to this worthy organization, they have a new phone number:  715-781-0622.

You will find more information on the group and what items they accept for donation.  They are able to pick up larger items, or you can arrange a time to drop them by the warehouse yourself.  Aside from furniture and appliances, cash donations and donations of gently used or new mattress pads and sheet sets/bedding are also greatly needed.  These smaller items can be dropped by Trinity Lutheran Church (either campus) in Hudson during their regular office or service hours.

Thanks to all of you who have donated furniture in the past; I know several of my clients have given items they no longer needed after our redecorating projects!  Please pass this information on to friends and family you know who may have items they wish to donate.   All the donations are so appreciated – especially by those in our area who receive the assistance.

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Outdoor Decor

If you are anywhere near the St. Croix Valley area of MN or WI, check your local coffee shop, newsstand or hair salon for your FREE copy of Valley Women & Beyond magazine.  This magazine is brand new, and covers local events, women of distinction, fashion, food – anything of interest to women!  The Aug/Sept issue is out, and I have an article in the magazine on the topic of outdoor decorating.  Following is an excerpt – you’ll have to get your copy of the magazine to see the rest (aren’t I mean??).  Although it’s still under construction, you can also check out http://www.valleywomenandbeyond.com for more information on the magazine and drop locations.  And, by all means, stop back here to leave your comments about the article – I would love to hear your favorite outdoor decorating tip or your thoughts on the article!

“In our neck of the woods, we want to soak up every minute of our short summer season. The best way to enjoy summer at home is on your deck or patio. But, how do you make your patio feel as homey and comfortable as your living room? The market has been flooded with some amazing outdoor products in recent years to help you do just that. You are just a weekend project away from enjoying the outdoors in style.

These days, the trend in outdoor living is to create a living room, or even an entire kitchen, outside. Gone are the days of simple patio furniture and a folding lawn chair or two. Today, there are a vast variety of products that can make your outdoor room as comfy as your interior space.”

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A New Home for Old Furniture

Has your basement become something of a furniture graveyard?  Have you inherited more furniture than you can fit into your house?  Did you recently purchase new furniture?  I am often asked where my clients can donate their pre-loved furniture.  Thankfully, there is a local non-profit called We Do Feet!  They are a ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church in Hudson, WI, and they have a warehouse to store and distribute used furniture to people in need within the St. Croix River Valley area.  Furniture is needed by people just coming out of shelters, abuse victims setting up a new home or apartment and current or new area residents in need.  As you can imagine, the need is even greater in these ecomonic times!  If you have a piece of gently used furniture taking up space in your home, please contact Trinity Lutheran Church at 715/386.9313.  They will put you in touch with We Do Feet, and they will arrange for pick-up or drop-off of your donated pieces.  They are willing to take on just about any type of furniture in usable condition – the only things they cannot accept are king-sized mattresses, sleeper sofas or appliances.  Especially needed are mattresses and sofas.  Give that old furniture a new home – there are many in the St. Croix River valley who will thank you!

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