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Finally – A Great Paint Visualizing Tool!

I am asked ALL the time if I have access to programs that would show a client an interior or exterior paint color before they commit. Until recently, the only option was to get out the ol’ color pencils and their house drawings and show them an approximation of what their paint colors will look like on their home. No more!

Sherwin Williams just upgraded the Color Visualization tool to include the option to upload your own photos! What’s more, you can decide which surfaces you wish to “paint” and leave the rest as-is. So, if you want a new wall color and a new ceiling color, but you wish to leave your trim the color it is now, you can select the areas you wish, and choose a color for each of them. It’s really fun to play around with!  You can then save your photos and paint scenarios for future reference.  While Benjamin Moore also offers this service, their tool comes with a small fee.  There is no charge for the Sherwin Williams tool.

You’ll find the tool here; give it a try and leave a comment for me. I would love to know what you think!

And, don’t forget Sherwin Williams FREE Colorsnap iPhone application; you can snap a photo of any color, and this app will match it to a Sherwin Williams color!  What a handy tool – now you can be inspired anywhere and anytime, and find a way to match the colors you love.


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