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Fun Valance Style for a Home Office

I just installed (well, not personally – my installer extraordinaire actually did the heavy lifting!) a great new valance at the home of a long-time client.  She wanted something different in her home office, and something that wouldn’t hide the architecture of the tiered window.

This is what we came up with!  Notice that the fabric pattern is exactly the same on each panel – that is a sign of good-quality craftsmanship.  It’s a very simple concept, that makes this room special.

What do you think?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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Newest Look in Quartz Surfaces

In the latest issue of Kitchen & Bath Business magazine, I found the latest look in quartz surfaces – patterns!  Manufactured by CaesarStone, this product makes use of a polished/unpolished finishing process to produce a pattern in the countertop surface.

Motivo comes in a couple different patterns – an animal print (similar to an alligator skin) and a wallpaper-like damask.  According to their website, the product is still non-porous and very low-maintenance.  Very interesting look, and something completely different.  While it’s not for every client and every space, I can definitely see applications for it!

I think it could be especially interesting in a commercial space – to dress up a boring ladies’ room or spice up a bar.  What do you think?  Is it something you could see in your home?  If so, where would you use it?

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Wallpaper – a Touch of Luxury

I LOVE wallpaper!  What, you say?!  Are you scared to touch the stuff?  If so, you probably had to remove it in quarter-sized pieces at some point in your life.  Rest assured, this is NOT your grandmother’s wallpaper!

Photo courtesy Thibaut Design

Photo courtesy Thibaut Design

I, too, have tackled the task of  removing old wallpaper, and it was not something I would like to repeat.  In fact, I have a bathroom wallpaper-removal project to begin soon!  However, the new wallpapers available are so luscious that they are hard to resist!  Flocking is back, and the colors are amazing – from lime green to fuschia to rich, chocolate espresso.  New materials are also available, incorporating glass beads, textiles or sand into the pattern.

Wallpaper does have its place.  If your home is of the older variety, your walls may not be in the best condition.  Wallpaper is a great coverer-of-sins, and will hide imperfections in your walls.  Also, many historic homes just CRY for wallcovering – Victorian homes, for example, just need that extra bit of pattern and color to make them sing.  And, many contemporary spaces need warmth and interest – wallpaper can offer just the thing.  And, if you use a vinyl wallcovering, you can’t beat the durability and cleanability, making it ideal for use in high-traffic areas like stairways, mudrooms and hallways.

Photo courtesy DL Couch

Photo courtesy DL Couch

Remember, wallpaper does not need to cover every wall of a room to be useful.  Consider using wallpaper on only one wall, as an accent.  Recently, I put wallpaper on the bed wall in a client’s master bedroom.  The rest of the walls remained painted, nearly the color of the background of the wallpaper.  This technique added just the right touch to this 40’s style bedroom – a little elegance and pattern was just what it needed.

Newer wallcoverings are easier to remove than their ancestors; in fact, some papers are made specifically for easy removal, making them easy to change on a whim.  Proper preparation of the walls prior to installation will also make future removal easier.  And, if all else fails, hire a good contractor to take care of it for you!  For a few hundred dollars, you can skip the whole mess.

For some fantastic wallpapers, both contemporary and traditional, check out http://www.dlcouch.com and http://www.thibautdesign.com.  DL Couch offers commercial wallcoverings, with patterns and colors that can be hard to find in the residential market.  And, with most wallcoverings coming in at 54″ wide, there are fewer seams to contend with!

If you have any questions about wallpaper, and its use in your home or business, please leave a comment or email me directly.  I’d be happy to help in any way I can!  I can also 0ffer pricing on any product you are interested in.  Enjoy –

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