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Spring Preview 2013: Minnetonka Masterpiece

I had so much fun working on this modern masterpiece on Lake Minnetonka… Continue reading



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Design Mistakes: What Have You Learned?

I’m sure that we have all made our share of design mistakes in our homes; even as a professional designer, not all of my endeavors at home are as successful as I would like! Continue reading

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It’s Almost Spring…Right?

I realize that it’s still cold outside.  Even though this weekend has been a balmy 34 degrees in Wisconsin, we are in for another cold snap during the week.  Not looking forward to it.

So, when I saw some of the lastest outdoor fabrics from Greenhouse Design, I began daydreaming…. Continue reading

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Finally – A Great Paint Visualizing Tool!

I am asked ALL the time if I have access to programs that would show a client an interior or exterior paint color before they commit. Until recently, the only option was to get out the ol’ color pencils and their house drawings and show them an approximation of what their paint colors will look like on their home. No more!

Sherwin Williams just upgraded the Color Visualization tool to include the option to upload your own photos! What’s more, you can decide which surfaces you wish to “paint” and leave the rest as-is. So, if you want a new wall color and a new ceiling color, but you wish to leave your trim the color it is now, you can select the areas you wish, and choose a color for each of them. It’s really fun to play around with!  You can then save your photos and paint scenarios for future reference.  While Benjamin Moore also offers this service, their tool comes with a small fee.  There is no charge for the Sherwin Williams tool.

You’ll find the tool here; give it a try and leave a comment for me. I would love to know what you think!

And, don’t forget Sherwin Williams FREE Colorsnap iPhone application; you can snap a photo of any color, and this app will match it to a Sherwin Williams color!  What a handy tool – now you can be inspired anywhere and anytime, and find a way to match the colors you love.

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When to Reupholster?

I am often asked about reupholstering furniture.  Especially in this time of budget-concious and green living, clients (and potential clients) are curious about having their existing furniture reupholstered, instead of replaced.  But, does reupholstering always make sense?

I have found that reupholstery is not always the most cost effective option for redecorating a room.  Labor costs and fabric quantities add up, and clients aren’t always prepared for the final costs involved with reupholstery!  For example, the “average” sofa costs about $2000 to reupholster.  This price can vary dramatically, based on the style of the sofa, whether cushions need to be replaced, the repeat of the fabric, etc.  Obviously, one can buy a new sofa for less than $2000.  However, one can also find many sofas that cost well over $2000!

There are three main reasons I recommend reupholstery of furniture.  First,  if your furniture piece has sentimental value, or is a precious antique, it is almost always worth reupholstering the piece.  These types of pieces cannot be easily replaced, so the costs are easily outweighed by the sentiment and memories attached to the piece.  Image014

Likewise, if your furniture piece is of amazing quality, it is almost always worth reupholstering.  For example, a sofa which originally cost you $5000 15 years ago, is well worth reupholstering for $2000.  To replace that $5000 sofa today with a piece of comparable value, would probably cost you more than 3 times the cost of reupholstering your existing piece!

Third, if your existing furniture fits just perfectly in your space, it often makes sense to reupholster the piece, rather than to find something new.  If you have been furniture shopping recently, you have noticed that furniture has gotten really LARGE overall.  Overstuffed sofas, chairs-and-a-half and ottomans are all huge, and often not scaled to most family homes.  If you have a small-scale sofa that fits perfectly under your living room window, you may not be able to replace it easily with a new sofa that fits as well.  So, even pieces of less quality may be worth reupholstering, rather than beating your head against the wall trying to find an equally perfect piece for your room!

If you are unsure about whether your particular furniture pieces are worth reupholstering, and you wonder about the costs involved, contact an interior designer.  A designer can help you figure out the best options for you, help you select fabrics that will enhance your spaces, and arrange to have the entire project taken care of for you.  The fun thing about reupholstery, is that you can select several fabrics to be used on one piece, add fringe or other trims, add nail heads – the options are endless.  It’s definitely worth the investment.

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