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storage solution: under the sink

Love, love, love! Any way to increase storage under a sink is great in my book. And, I think drawers are essential in a bathroom; they are much more convenient than deep cabinets for small things like toothpaste and hair brushes.

I would also use this application for the “spa” cabinets many clients request right now. These often have an open shelf below the sink, which is a great look, but cuts out a lot of valuable storage. With this cut-out drawer, you could do both!

What do you think? Is this something you would put in your home?

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One way to tackle the storage space beneath your bathroom or kitchen sink is to put in a bank of drawers. Drawers are one way to ensure that you’re using every inch of cabinet space since you can pull them all the way out (with the help of full-extension glides) and get to the very back and bottom of the cabinet.

In this bathroom, we designed a bank of drawers under this sink. The top ‘drawer’ is false, while the second one is cut in a U shape to accommodate the plumbing. The bottom drawer is full-sized with a notch cut out of the very back, and it’s deep enough to store toilet paper, bottles of shampoo standing up, bathroom cleaners and other toiletries.


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Newly Published: Interior Design for Children

For anyone who hasn’t already heard, I just published my very first e-book!  Interior Design for Children is a guide for anyone looking for professional tips and tricks for creating a functional and beautiful room for their child.

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Frank Lloyd Wright: Control Freak or Design Genius?

Frank Lloyd Wright is arguably one of the most famous architects in US history.  Not only are his homes and commercial spaces still visited regularly by tourists, but his style has inspired home designs in neighborhoods around the country.  From Taliesin to Fallingwater to the Guggenheim Museum in New York, Frank Lloyd Wright has his fingerprints imbedded in some of the most recognizable buildings in America.

As an interior designer, I had always heard that Wright had no use for anyone in my profession.  While I knew that he designed much of his own furniture, stained glass and other decorative items for the interiors of the homes he designed, I never realized the extent to which he took his design perfectionism.

Frank Lloyd Wrights "Fallingwater"

"Fallingwater" photo courtesy the Library of Congress website

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Designing After Divorce

I ran across this article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and found it very interesting.  The article is entitled “Decorating After Divorce,” and it featured the decorating exploits of several folks after their divorces.  You can read it for yourself here:   http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/homegarden/126456658.html  (For some reason the link function is malfunctioning here in WordPress land…I apologize for the long link!)

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Labor Day Projects? Get a Deal on Paint!

With another long, holiday weekend on deck, we are sure to see sales on paint and home improvement supplies.  True to form, there are a few different ways to save money on your upcoming home improvement and decorating projects this week. Continue reading

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Questions About Tile?

I’m working on a little side project, and I’m looking for some feedback; that’s where you come in!

What questions do you have about tile?  Do you wonder about what kinds of tile to use on particular projects?  Questions about designing a backsplash?  Where to use tile?

Let me know what you want to know!  🙂

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Best Home Magazines

What do interior designers do in their spare time?  Yes…many of us read design and home decor magazines!

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