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Newly Published: Interior Design for Children

For anyone who hasn’t already heard, I just published my very first e-book!  Interior Design for Children is a guide for anyone looking for professional tips and tricks for creating a functional and beautiful room for their child.

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Small Bedroom? No Problem.

I was just glancing through the latest West Elm catalog, when I spotted this very cool storage bed frame!  For anyone who has a small bedroom space, an option like this could save the day.

I would especially find it useful for a guest room, or other space where extra linens need a home.  Those extra pillows and quilts can sure eat up closet space in a hurry!

My bedrooms are small, making a dresser a luxury in each of them.  Having a bed such as this for storing off-season clothing would really be handy. 

I can’t imagine one would want to store things inside the bed that need to be accessed daily; a bed frame with drawers would be a handier alternative.  And, I would imagine that any under-the-bed storage has been lost with this option.  Although – I’d rather have my off-season clothing or bedding INSIDE the bed, rather than under it.  I’m sure it stays dust-bunny free that way!

What do you think?  Have you recently found a great storage idea for your home?  Share it – I’m always on the lookout for ways to save and create space!

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Summer Bedrooms

Summer is most certainly on everyone’s minds at this time of year. With longer daylight hours, warmer weather and outdoor activities, we tend to get that itch to freshen up our homes. We long to shed the same-old style and heavy fabrics which have surrounded us all winter long. The long hibernation is over; let’s heat things up! A great place to start is the master bedroom – a place often neglected as homeowners tend to other redecorating projects deemed more important. You, however, are the master of your home; don’t let your personal domain languish in oblivion! Consider some of the following ways you can give your bedroom that warm, breezy, breath of fresh air.

One easy way to freshen up any room is to change the paint color. This can be accomplished in such a short time, and at very little cost. When selecting a new color, consider the mood you wish to achieve in your bedroom. Do you prefer a quiet, soothing, spa-like feel? If so, think about using soft shades of blue, green or lavender. Or, would you rather add some excitement and heat to your space? These moods are evoked through the use of spicy colors, such as reds, oranges and yellows. Be aware, however, that over-using these warm colors can create a feeling of agitation. Excitement and heat in your bedroom: yes. Agitation and stress: not exactly a mood-enhancer. Choose your color wisely!

Next, consider your bed, which should be the focal point of the room. While a down comforter can be used for year-round comfort, the duvet cover may need a little freshening up. Remove that heavy, dark duvet cover, quilt or bedspread, and exchange it for a lightweight quilt or coverlet. The sense of touch is so important in a bedroom. What about bringing in high thread-count cotton sheets for luxurious comfort? Or, silky satin sheets for that special evening with your honey? The pattern of your bedding isn’t important; flowers or stripes can both be wonderful choices. Just make sure that both you and your partner are comfortable in the room. A man floundering in a sea of roses may not feel fully at home! A contrast in textures makes the bed visually appealing and will add interest to the room. Why not try a faux fur throw or pillow, mixed with a sheer bed throw and a variety of embroidered decorative pillows? If you have been to your local home decorating store recently, you know that pillows are everywhere, and very well-priced. I have found pillows encrusted with slices of bamboo, made from woven grass cloth, bejeweled with rhinestones in all colors and appliqued with an array of summery motifs. Find several in colors to coordinate with your quilt or coverlet, and enjoy the blend of textures and colors. If you use a bedskirt, exchange it for a lighter color or lighter-weight fabric. Or, if the style of your bed allows it, remove it altogether for a clean, crisp look. You may, however, need to temporarily find a new home for that box of gift wrap you store under your bed! For even more drama, adding a sheer mosquito net or canopy near the head of the bed will bring you the ultimate in luxury and will help set the mood for romance.

The wrong window treatment will weigh your room down. Heavy, velvet drapes are cozy in January, but can become over-bearing in June. Remove those heavy panels and replace them with sheer, gauzy panels in a color that will contrast your walls. Your hardware can remain in place; simpy remove your existing panels and replace with the new panels. Voila! An inexpensive seasonal change, which can make a big difference in your bedroom.

During the summer months, you may also wish to remove any area rugs in the room. They become less necessary, because your floors are much warmer. Summer is about simplicity! Your other accessories and artwork may also rotate during the warmer months. Look at what you have with new eyes; perhaps the pieces currently in your bedroom would be a welcome change in your den. Bring into your bedroom only those pieces which enhance your new, lighter look for summer. Paintings with snow are not welcome here.
Lighting is very important in any bedroom, and even more so in the master bedroom. Be sure to incorporate different types of lighting into the room: ambient lighting for general light, reading lights and accent lighting. Install a dimmer on your overhead lighting, to allow for just the light level you need. When using bedside lamps, change the bulbs to an amber or rose color; this will create a flattering light in a lower level. You will definitely set the mood! Bring in accent lighting, as well, in the form of candles. The glow of candlelight will take an ordinary evening and make it extraordinary.

Clutter and chaos do not bring a peaceful feel to any room, especially the bedroom. Purge those closets, so everything in your room has a home. Do not allow your bedroom to become a dumping ground for random homeless items from other rooms. A clean, serene room is a decluttered room; and the organization it will bring to your life will allow you time to focus on what really matters.

We have heard it a million times, but I do have one more tip for enhancing those summer nights in your bedroom – hide away the TV! A television in the bedroom is NOT the way to a woman’s heart, and merely serves as a distraction to more important matters. Instead, think of soothing sounds, such as classical music or the calming sounds of the ocean. Summer is about warmth, sunshine, simplicity and fun. Enjoy it!

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