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Ethen Allen Sale – March 2011

Ethan Allen has a sale going on until the end of March – just in time to get ready for spring! Continue reading


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Painting Power

If you are trying to make a huge impact on your interior design project with a teeny-tiny budget, paint is your friend.  Continue reading


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Tips for Accessorizing Your Home

I just finished perusing the book Accessorize Your Home by Caroline Clifton-Mogg.  I’m always looking for new ways to display collections, hang artwork or arrange side tables.  If you need some fresh new ideas, you will enjoy this collection of photos and easy-to-read tips.

Accessorize Your Home

The rooms featured in this volume tend toward the cottage and casual styles, without a focus on very formal or traditional spaces.  The accessories are often shown in layered groupings, creating a decidedly “unstuffy” appearance.  However, there are some very symmetrical and precise groups of wall art featured, along with tips for getting them hung just right.

Have you read this book?  Perhaps used a tip or two in your home?  I would love to hear your thoughts about what worked for you!

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Speed Decorating: Book Review

I recently had the chance to peek through a copy of Jill Vegas’ Speed Decorating:  A Pro Stagers Tips and Trade Secrets for a Fabulous Home in a Week or Less

As a professional designer, I thought she had some great tips and tricks for quick and easy updates to anyone’s home.  She offers some fresh ideas, including some wonderful thoughts for do-it-yourselfers.

One idea I especially liked was Ms. Vegas’ suggestion to keep a Design Notebook about your home.  As you evaluate your needs for each room in your home (she offers suggestions on how and what to evaluate), keep a notebook and pencil handy.  Jot down notes on what items you need to purchase for each room and what projects need to be done.  Details are key; write down sizes, colors and other items of importance, so you know exactly what you are shopping for.

Although, most likely, all of your “to-do” list will not be accomplished immediately, it provides a master plan for your home.  As time and budget allow, you will have your plan in place, and won’t flounder aimlessly wondering what to do next. 

Additionally, when you are out shopping, keeping your Notebook handy will allow you to snatch up bargains when you see them – and to know what will work in your home!  No more buying an accessory, only to find out it is too large, too small or not the right color.  I think this idea is helpful for any homeowner; what do you think?

I thought the book was well laid-out, making it easy to read and easy to skim pages for the facts.  If you have read this book, I would love to hear your comments.

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Art Along the River

Are you searching for the perfect piece of art to grace your mantle?  Waiting to run into a vase the exact size and color you need to fill that huge void above your entertainment center?  Look no further!  The Hudson area has some fantastic art resources to take advantage of.

Seasons on St. Croix is located on Second Street in Downtown Hudson, and represents dozens of local and regional artists in all media.  From textiles to pottery, glass to paintings, you will find it here.  They have a brand new gallery, and an artist reception event on the first Friday of every month.  Visit their website at http://www.seasonsonstcroix.com/ for more information.

Kelley Galleries and Framing is located a little further down Second Street in Hudson.  They offer a gorgeous array of original works, as well as reproductions, furniture and home accessories.  To finish off your art selection, they offer framing services, as well.  Check their website at http://www.kelleygalleries.com/ for more information on their upcoming events, new artists and more.

Bonnie Rubinstein, of River Falls, is a fused glass artist.  She is amazing, and works on a very large scale.  Sinks, countertops, tiles, light fixtures, window panels – she can do it all!  View her portfolio and contact her to discuss your custom project:  http://www.rubinsteinstudio.com/.

Another local glass artist, Laurie Wilson, offers works in both stained and fused glass.  She is well-known for her custom architectural window panels, as she has worked with many builders in the area.  See her work at http://www.ilwacoglass.com.  I have had the pleasure of working with her on several past projects, and my clients have been thrilled with the results!

For a little something old, check out Abigail Page Antiques, also on Second Street in Hudson.  You never know what you may find; that perfect piece for your home may be hiding in the corner!  http://abigailpageantiques.com/

A wonderful array of home accessories, furniture, artwork and more awaits you at Etcetera on Second Street in Hudson.  I love browsing through their beautiful displays looking for a gift for someone special.  http://etchudson.com/

If you want to take an afternoon drive, head east to Roberts.  Color Crossing specializes in fiber arts.  Whether you weave, knit, crochet, felt or spin, they will have just the yarn, fiber or supplies you need.  They also just added a gallery, featuring pottery, rugs and more from local artists.  Check out this fun little shop at http://www.colorcrossing.com

Just another few minutes east, you will find a little gem of a gallery.  Stone Soup in Hammond is a great resource of local artwork.  Owner Jane Nicol features different artists than you will find in Hudson, making her shop well worth the drive.  I have found so many inspiring pieces there – check it out at http://www.stonesoupart.com.

Whether you are looking for an original piece of art, or a more affordable print, or something small or large to decorate your home, the Hudson area has everything you need!  You don’t need to cross the river to find high-quality, affordable gifts and artwork.  And, of course, stay for something to eat – it’s hard to beat the restaurants in Downtown Hudson!  See http://www.hudsonwi.org for more information on Hudson, WI and the surrounding area.  Come and see us!  And when you do, be sure to stop back here to tell us your favorite spot – we would love to hear from you!

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Home Staging 101

Are you trying to sell your home?  As everyone is aware, this is not the best time in history to sell a home.  Now, more than ever, you need to make your home stand out as the best value for the dollar.  Buyers are more saavy, and with increased home inventory on the market, they have so many homes to choose from.  Following are some tips for making your home stand out above the rest.

First, and most importantly, you need to de-clutter and de-personalize your home.  This is not the time to be emotionally attached to your home.  Realize that you are selling it, and a new family will enjoy it for years to come.  Detatching yourself from your home will allow you to pack up some of those family photos, your child’s artwork and other personal items.  Pack nearly every knick-knack into boxes, as clutter makes a potential buyer feel your space is smaller than it is.  Leave only a few choice accessories on tables and shelves.

You may need to rid your home of furniture, while you are at it.  Too much furniture in a room decreases the square footage of your home, visually.  You want your home to look spacious, open and warm – not crowded, busy and full!  Even though you may need 2 dressers in your master bedroom, consider moving one out.  Although your family of 5 may need 2 sofas for adequate seating in the family room, move one out for better visual effect.

Which leads me to my next point – clean, clean and clean again!  During a tour of your home, a potential buyer will be less-than-impressed with the layer of dust coating every surface.  A sparkling bathroom and shining kitchen will go a long way to closing the sale.  Before you leave for the day, make all the beds, straighten your closets and make sure your home is ready for an impromptu showing.

If you enjoy color, you may have wall colors that are less-than-desirable to potential buyers.  That eggplant wall in your living room may excite you, but annoy someone else to the point of losing the sale.  Yes, I realize this is an easy thing for a buyer to remedy, but many people cannot see past a paint color – good or bad!  So, to make the very best impression, consider neutralizing your paint colors.  Beige, taupe or buttery yellow are nice, warm tones to consider.

If you are willing to spend a little money to ready your home for a sale, there are a few key areas in which you should spend it.  Kitchens and bathrooms offer the most bang-for-the-buck when spending money on upgrades.  Consider new countertops in your kitchen (granite or quartz are popular upgrades) or a new tile backsplash.  New hardware on your cabinets can provide an updated look on a tight budget.  In the bathroom, countertops can also be upgraded, and consider a new faucet and/or light fixture to update the room.  Don’t spend too much on upgrades, however – you may price your home out of the market!

To get a good idea of what a well-staged home looks like, tour model homes in your area.  Think of what makes a model home look so good – no clutter, minimal furniture, just a few accessories and bright, open spaces.  Take cues from what those designers have done, and apply them to your home, as well.

If all else fails, or you feel overwhelmed with where to start, call an interior designer!  A designer can help you decide what to keep and what to pack away, what paint colors will work best in your spaces, how to arrange your furniture for best effect and what upgrades may be necessary to get the most money for your home.  I have been staging model homes for sale for over 8 years, and I would love to help you get your home ready to sell.  Or, leave your questions in the comments section below, and I would be happy to answer what I can!

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