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March 2010 Newsletter

Earlier this week, I sent out my March issue of Design Line!  If you did not receive your copy, and would like to be added to the mailing list, please send me an email with your email address.  Or, you can also visit my website and fill out your information under the Contact page.  I would be happy to add you to the list!

Design Line is emailed monthly, and contains interior design tips & trends, as well as upcoming events.  Invite a friend to receive it as well!  Your email addresses will be used exclusively for the newsletter, and will never be sold.  Have a great weekend, everyone!


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Happy New Year!

I am so very excited to leave 2009 behind, and to enter a new decade.  The last year was a tough one, yet very exciting at the same time.  After years of working for others, 2009 was the year I was finally able to open my own design studio!

I have learned so much during the past year; from accounting to marketing, this was a year of figuring out how best to offer my services to my clients.  I’m still learning, and working on some exciting things for the upcoming year – stay tuned!

Toward the end of the year, I was able to offer online “virtual consultations” to clients via Ava Living.  What a wonderful way for clients to get their feet wet with a designer, without blowing their budgets.

The past year has been challenging; I look forward to my first full year in business, and I thank you all for your support as I started this new adventure.  Thanks, also, for the referrals you have sent my way; keep them coming!  Here’s to an amazing 2010…

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