Newly Published: Interior Design for Children

For anyone who hasn’t already heard, I just published my very first e-book!  Interior Design for Children is a guide for anyone looking for professional tips and tricks for creating a functional and beautiful room for their child.

Discover the strategies for designing a bedroom or playroom that will grow with your child, saving you time and money as they get older!  It also includes information on child safety, color schemes, flooring, window treatments and resources for finding even more information and products.

You CAN do it yourself – this book will give you the guidance and confidence to give it a try!  And, at a small fraction of the price of a full design consultation.

After you read it, please leave a comment about what you thought and what you learned.  I’d also love to see a photo of your finished room – what in inspiration for others just beginning their projects!  Happy reading!

Available at Amazon and Smashwords.



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