Need Paint? Visit Sherwin Williams This Week!

If you have fall home improvement projects in mind, you may want to pay a visit to ol’ Sherwin Williams this week.

From Friday, September 23, through Monday, September 26, you can get a whopping 40% off paints and stains!  Save 30% off painting supplies and 10% off wallpaper.  For more info on the sale, visit the Sherwin Williams website.

If I haven’t mentioned it lately, I LOVE the Sherwin Williams Duration Home paint!  Its lovely matte finish hides the flaws in my old walls, yet it is durable enough to be scrubbed with a Magic Eraser without any trouble.  This feature came in very handy when my son decided to test his highlighter on his bedroom walls.  Enough said.

What color will you be purchasing?  And what will you be painting?


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One response to “Need Paint? Visit Sherwin Williams This Week!

  1. Wow, good deal. I need to repaint my ceiling from a previous wall color change that got a little “feathered” at the edges.

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