Best Home Magazines

What do interior designers do in their spare time?  Yes…many of us read design and home decor magazines!

Believe it or not, designers are always looking for inspiration – both for their own homes and for their clients’ homes.  Home and design magazines are a great way to look for new ideas, products and trends.

One of my favorite magazines is House Beautiful.  It generally features a variety of design styles, from the very traditional to the somewhat-modern.  I always find a fun fabric or a new paint color to take notice of within its pages.

For a peek at homes with great historic details, I love to page through the latest issue of Old House Journal.  For anyone with a home of historic value, it provides a great resource to new products – including those that look deliciously old.  In my neck of the woods, many of the homes date back to the Victorian and Queen Anne periods; others stretch to the other side of the design spectrum with their Craftsman Bungalow details.  The magazine provides inspiration for updates with an eye for a home’s historic value.

Because I am somewhat of a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to projects in my own home, I also love Better Homes & Gardens.  I know…it definitely isn’t one of those highbrow design magazines that many designers subscribe to.  That’s why I like it!  I never flip through an issue without finding at least one project I want to try…whether it’s a craft project that I want to make as a gift for a friend or a new way to use wallpaper, I’m game.

Now it’s your turn:  what are some of your favorite home design and decor magazines?  And, what do you learn from them every month?  Maybe I’ll find a new favorite in your comments!


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