Design Mistakes: What Have You Learned?

I’m sure that we have all made our share of design mistakes in our homes; even as a professional designer, not all of my endeavors at home are as successful as I would like!

Unfortunately, like many of you, much of my furniture has been given to me, has migrated into our home after college and has otherwise become a part of our oddball collection over the years.  As our family has grown, and budgets and tastes change, we have made small alterations to our home over time.  Hopefully, our mismatched furniture will soon match the vision I have for our home!  While it may not technically be a “mistake,” my home is certainly not the “magazine photo” haven many assume that it is.

One time, we got a sofa from a friend who no longer needed it.  “Great!” we thought…now we have a sofa for the basement!  Well….we didn’t account for the fact that our stairs make a corner on the way down.  No amount of coaxing would get that sofa down those stairs.  So, that sofa resided in our living room until we could no longer stand it’s saggy cushions.

What design mistakes have you made?  Have you ever purchased a furniture piece that didn’t fit?  Used a paint color that you ended up hating?  ‘Fess up here – I’d love to hear about your mistakes and how you solved them!

If you would like a peek into another couple’s design mistakes, I ran across this fantastic post on this very subject; check it out here.


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