Introducing the Designer Discount Program!

The Designer Discount Cards have arrived, and I will be sending them to my current clients shortly.  All of my new clients will receive one, as well.  Will you be getting one?

What is the Designer Discount Program?  This brand-new program is designed to save my clients money!  When you work with me to design your space, I will give you a Designer Discount Card.  This card entitles you to exclusive one-time discounts from some of the best local service providers and retailers.  The card is good for one year, to give you time to finish your project as your time and budget allow!

If you use even just a few of these discounts, you could easily save the money you spent working with me – like getting great interior design service FREE!

Discounts include savings on custom art framing at Kelley Gallery (Hudson, Woodbury and Roberts), home accessories from Etcetera (Hudson), Plumbing services with Cody Plumbing, Painting services with Phernetton Painting, Tile installation with St. Croix Tile, Electrical services with JWC Electric, Light fixtures at Pahl’s Premier Lighting (Hudson), Construction services and Custom bars from Abelene Building & Remodeling and Abelene Bars, Custom stained or fused glass art from Ilwacoglass, Granite countertops from St. Croix Granite and Upholstery services from Deppe Upholstery.

I have personally worked with all these companies over the years, and have no difficulty recommending them to my clients.  To get these discounts, however, give me a call!  I’d love to help you with your next design, decorating or remodeling project!


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