Light Bulb Ban Update

In an effort to update you on the latest news regarding the upcoming light bulb ban, I ran across this item.

It seems there is a movement in Congress to overturn the ban on traditional light bulbs, originally signed into law by George W. Bush.

There is no word yet on whether they will succeed; I’ll keep you posted on anything else that comes up!  Any thoughts on this latest development?



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4 responses to “Light Bulb Ban Update

  1. peter dublin

    there are some relevant sites on this,
    like and
    similarly by lighting designers
    and other contributors

    Also for the background to the ban, (part 2 on the site)
    which includes the somewhat shady industrial politics behind it,
    with documentation and copies of official communications

  2. peter dublin

    Thanks Teri,

    In my view a needless ban…

    (and it is of course a ban, also since halogens are different and a lot more ccostly for the small savings, and will anyway also be phased out in the USA as well as in the EU (EU 2016, USA 2020)

    …. not just from lack of consumer choice and personal freedom reasons,
    but also because the savings are small in an overall perspective
    (compared to real “waste” savings in electricity generation efficiency, grid re-organization and upgrade etc),
    and the need to enforce savings for people who pay for the supply is questionable
    (no present or future shortage of energy for electricity),
    and even if all that didn’t hold,
    then the bulbs could simply be taxed – perhaps cross-financing energy saving bulbs so they are cheaper and people are “not just hit by taxes”
    as the saying goes:
    2 billion US (and EU) sales of the cheap bulbs shows the govmt income potential.
    No: Taxes are not justified of themselves, but preferable to a ban on a popular product, not banned for being unsafe,
    but simply banned to reduce electricity consumption

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