FREE Shipping at Flor

From now until April, you can enjoy FREE shipping on any order from Flor!

If you aren’t familiar with Flor, they are a company offering carpet tiles that you can install yourself, pick up, rearrange, move or replace – super easy!  In fact, the squares can be used to make custom rugs.

They have have some fantastic, fun patterns and colors and often cost much less than a traditional area rug would cost.  And, since you can arrange them any way you want, it’s easy to make odd sizes or shapes – ones that would be nearly impossible to find ready-made.

I have picked out several rugs that would be gorgeous in my living room – I love the wool options, too!  And, with 2 small children, having the ability to remove a piece if it gets stained is priceless.  Check out their site; what are your favorite patterns?  Do you have a place this product would work?


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