Furniture and Appliance Donations Needed

I am often asked by clients where they can donate their old, but still serviceable, furniture and appliances.  I thought it may be time to post this again, as I hear this organization is in need of donations! 

We Do Feet is a non-profit organization administered by Trinity Lutheran Church in Hudson, WI.  They give folks the opportunity to select large furniture pieces for their homes at no charge.  Often, the people who are helped by We Do Feet are those in transition – people moving out of a shelter or those who need a furnished apartment so their children can move back in with them.  It provides a great, and needed, service in the St. Croix River Valley area.

We Do Feet operates by appointment only; they will also pick-up your furniture donations.  Hot items are sofas & chairs, beds (not king-size), dining sets, TV’s (working with remote), and working washing machines and dryers.

Please follow the link to find the contact information for We Do Feet.  And, if you are in need of some help, please contact We Do Feet and they will do what they can to assist you.

Thanks for your donations!  Everything is much appreciated…


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