Ferguson Offers Dream Bath Giveaway

Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting has launched a Dream Bath Giveaway featuring up to $50,000 in Kohler products!

Enter the Ferguson Dream Bath Contest, but be sure to leave a comment here first:  If you win, what would your dream bath look like?  What color scheme would you want to see?  What is your favorite luxury bath item that you couldn’t live without?

I would love a tricked-out shower and a nice, deep soaking tub.  I would also love to have 2 sinks and gorgeous tile – probably glass.  Color scheme is a tougher question – I love greens and blues (water colors) in a bath, but I also love the warmth of golds and cream.  How about you?  Dream with me…



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27 responses to “Ferguson Offers Dream Bath Giveaway

  1. Kathleen Isaacson

    I would go for greens and blues. Our Kohler products have held up well, but new would be nice!


    I’d like “Old Hollywood” type baths with lots of chrome, gray, white and sparkle. I envision glass tile and maybe glamorous wall paper or a crystal chandelier. A clawfoot tub is nice, as well as a 5.5 or 6 ft jetted tub.

    • Ooooo – a glamourous bath sounds wonderful, too! That look is a classic look that never really goes out of style. I could see a Cararra marble mosaic floor and countertop in a bath like that…gorgeous!

  3. Those are my favorite bathroom colors, too…just something “right” about water hues in the bath…

  4. Susie

    I would like any new look for my bath, lots of light.

  5. anash

    my dream bathroom would be red and white all over! i like brightness to start my day1

  6. Jennifer

    I would love a nice relaxing area to come home to after a long day of working with middle-schoolers. Currently I have purple tile from the 1960’s so anything would be an improvement!

    • My husband is a middle/high school teacher, so I know just what you mean! 🙂 Purple can be a very “now” color if paired with something fresh…maybe a lovely, warm gray would update the space? Pop in a little orange for fun… 🙂

  7. I would like a tuscon feel with granite & marble. Something relaxing & inviting. I need a new one, HELP

  8. Charlotte Poe

    Would love a nice warm rich color of tans and browns, right now nothing works in my bathroom , it would just be so lovely to come home from a long days work and be able to turn on a faucet and have water come out . Would love to see some brushed nickel fixtures , and may and possibly a nice tile on the floor

  9. Mack McGilvrey

    I would love a modern bathroom with natural stone and wood. Teak would be great.

  10. Dawn R Kreuser

    I’d like a CLASSSIC BATHROOM with lots of brushed chrome, BLACK, white and sparkle. I like white or light tile Aounrd a tile jetted tub and a HUGE Shower head with lots of natural night and a make up desk/mirror. Maybe something tropical in design.

    • Sounds a little like a Hollywood Glam style! You could add a tropical element in the wood elements – like a British Isles vanity…some carved elements, dark finish. Gorgeous!

  11. Lindy

    Since, I am not a senior and handicapped, a bath with a deep warming tub that is easily to get in and out of…Something old movie star bathroom look with alittle garden feel…to take you away for your down time…warm rich color’s with some unsual tiffany and rich deep cherry wood….

  12. Patti Brantner

    My dream bathroom would be very light with a splash of color. Granite and a whirlpool tub would be dreamy.

  13. Kris Sweeney

    I have been sitting in front of my computer all day watching HGTV and Foodnetwork, while cutting little pieces of paper out to the size of a walk in closet, walk in shower, a vanity and of course a toilet. Then like a miracle I heard the commercial about the Ferguson Dream Bath Contest. I thought I have to enter and win this contest, because I have know idea what I am doing…professional design and experience would be wonderful and much appreciated. If I win I could afford all the cool new automated shower head and waterfall faucets that Ferguson has to offer. PLEASE PICK ME!!!

    • I’m not the one who gets to choose, but good luck! Make sure you click the link to the Ferguson website and enter the contest there.

      I’ve been redesigning my living room (in my head) and getting ready for spring – always gets me in the mood to make some changes in the decor of my home, too! 🙂

  14. I would love a tuscon style bathroom wth Kohler bronze finish fixtures with a solid surface shower and a whirlpool tub. I love limstone and granite. I am desperate for a new bathroom, seeing that my bathroom is over 50 years old!Our poor tired bathroom needs an update and I know that Ferguson can make my dream come true.

  15. Lorraine Adams

    I love the Traditional or Old World feel! I like furniture pieces holding the inlaid sink, towels and things. There are porcelain products that look Old world.I’d love there to be wonderful lighting and fan in the ceiling to get the dampness out of the bathroom after showers. I can see tile running all the way to the ceiling in the combo shower/bath area. Since my bathrooms are small I think the walls should be light in color cream or sand, I love cool colors as accents blues and greens. My home was built in the1940’s and has a bit of water damage in the bathroom, we are in need of a serious make over.

  16. Maxine Brown

    If I won the contest, I would like to have double sinks, jetted tub, easy access for a senior, colors on walls, beige and brown, marble counter tops, tile floors (heated) ceiling fan, (vented) to get the dampness out of the bathroom after a shower. my bathroom is 42 years old and it really needs a face lift.

  17. Mary

    I have a 60 year old bathroom with mold growing and paint pealing and the tolite is so low its like a bucket on the floor .I would love to have a new bathroom that I would like to stay in instead of the feeling of running out of it every time I need to go into it.

  18. Ken

    My home was built in 1955. The bathroom is very small & I’m in a wheelchair. The bathroom was ok until I lost the use of my legs. When you lose the loose of your legs & it is permanent, it is a lot harder to do even the simplest things like take a shower or even use the restroom. So please help me get a new bathroom that’s easier to get in & out of easier to take a shower in.
    Thank you, Ken

    • Sounds like you could use a bathroom makeover! Be sure to click the link in the post to head over to the Ferguson website to register! You can enter once per day through May 15, 2011!

  19. My home was flooded last year and we had to redo the entire downstairs for the 2nd time… So once again our dated bathroom is in need of a make over. I would love warm and cozy colors to match our home.Tile floors,marble double sinks and all the wonderful things a pretty bathroom should have.

    Thank you,

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