It’s Almost Spring…Right?

I realize that it’s still cold outside.  Even though this weekend has been a balmy 34 degrees in Wisconsin, we are in for another cold snap during the week.  Not looking forward to it.

So, when I saw some of the lastest outdoor fabrics from Greenhouse Design, I began daydreaming….….dreaming of a time far, far from now, when the sun warms the surface of the earth in a more-than-spectacular way.  A time when I can sit on my deck with iced tea in hand, soaking in the golden rays (while blogging, emailing or checking in on Facebook, of course) while enjoying my oh-so-funky, brand-new outdoor cushions.

Just because it’s not QUITE time to mow the grass, that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning some improvements for our outdoor spaces, right?

This is one of my favorites:

It would be a home in a traditional setting, as well as a more modern location. 

Some of these new outdoor fabric patterns and colors are so pretty, not to mention EXTREMELY durable and lightfast, that I wouldn’t hesitate to use them indoors.   They can be scrubbed, and many can even handle a little bleach when cleaning (be sure to check your labels before attempting this.  I refuse to be responsible for bleach-stains on your new pillows.)!  Have you ever seen a little boy eat breakfast?  On a built-in bench cushion?  I rest my case.

Have you seen an outdoor fabric you want to add to your outdoor living spaces this spring?  Post a link in the comments section; I’m always on the look-out for fun new fabrics!

While you’re at it, I would love to hear what you are dreaming about adding to your deck, patio, screened porch our other outdoor living spaces this year.


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