Adding On? What Spaces are Your Must-Haves?

Better Homes and Gardens asked readers what spaces they plan to add to their homes this year.  It seems that folks are once again dreaming and planning to improve their homes this year after 2 years of waiting.

Although it didn’t exactly make the list, I have been dreaming of a new mudroom.  I live in an older home – built well before the days of organized, spacious mudrooms with built-in storage and closets.  Instead, if you walk into the back door of my home you land squarly in the kitchen.  I constantly battle with a pile of wet, muddy shoes, baskets of hats and mittens, and coats layered over the bench.

My dream is to add a mudroom on to the back of my house.  I have it all planned – in my head, at least.  And, I don’t think it would be horribly expensive as far as additions go – no plumbing or basement required.  But, oooooohhhhh, would it add to the function of my home and efficiency of my life!

What spaces are on your must-have list this year – or next?  Leave a comment here – I enjoy hearing about your dreams, too!



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2 responses to “Adding On? What Spaces are Your Must-Haves?

  1. erica

    When remodeling the first floor, I traded an enormous pantry and an over-sized (read wasted space) bathroom for a bathroom with a shower and a mudroom/laundry room. I love it!

  2. I truly think those ultra-functional spaces make a house run so much more smoothly! I never thought I would get so excited about mudrooms, but they keep a home neat and organized when designed correctly, don’t they?

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