Birds, Butterflies & Batik: What’s Hot in Home Decor for 2011

What do birds and butterflies have to do with home decor and interior design?  Plenty, it seems, during the upcoming year.

If you have taken a peek at the latest Pottery Barn or West Elm catalogs, you know what I mean.  While there are some definite trends defined for 2011 home decorating, the options are so varied it seems that “untrendy” is the new trendy.  In fact, “self-expression” is the word of the day, giving everyone the freedom to infuse their homes with their own personalities.

That said, there are some unmistakeable trends taking hold this year – including those birds and butterflies.  Pottery Barn is showcasing butterflies and birds on decorative throw pillows.  The colors evoke a feeling of nostalgia with hues of gray, tan, rose, minty green and dusky blue.  Look for birds, butterflies, dragonflies and all manner of aviary and winged creatures on decorative accessories and artwork this year.

Vintage accessories are hot again this year, complete with their original peeling paint and slightly grungy exteriors.  Of course, the pieces offered in catalogs and on websites are generally reproductions.  But, you may have one of these vintage pieces in your garage collecting dust; 2011 is the year to bring it out and see what you’ve got.  Old maps will be featured in numerous ways this year, as well; you will see them reproduced on fabrics, area rugs and accessories.  Looking backward in time to a more innocent, simpler world is comforting to all of us; the design trends of 2011 give us the freedom to do just that.

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In stark contrast with the ethereal, almost confectionary hues of vintage accessories is the graffiti trend.  Graffiti is the ultimate form of self-expression, and it can be found on accessories of all types this year.  Check out the pillows offered this season by West Elm.  Their watercolor pillows have a feeling of spray paint about them; their bold colors are certainly reminiscent of graffiti and street art.  Hot, Latin-inspired colors dominate this trend; look for chili pepper and hot pink, tempered by steel gray.

Intricate patterns, such as paisley, batik, and African tribal patterns, will be mixed like never before.  We will see the simplicity of Danish design mixed with the mosaics of Morocco and batiks of India.  This year, we all have the freedom to express our heritage through the design of our homes.  Patchwork is an important home decor trend this year, and you will see it manifested on quilts and pillows, rugs and artwork.  Don’t be afraid of pattern this year; mix and match to your heart’s content!

For more on the color and design trends of 2011, check out an article I wrote on the topic.  Now, get out there and express yourself!


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