Feature Number 2 in January 2011!

Another of my projects has earned a feature spot on the Ava Living website!

This project was so much fun!  The homeowner is a book lover, and collects old and new fairytale books.  She has several thousand of them, and when she and her husband built their new, Victorian-style home, the books needed a place of their own.

They found that home in a huge, two-story library with a cherry spiral staircase, custom tile fireplace and catwalk.  The second level of the library leads to a reading room in the turret of the home (that round space that looks like a tower from the outside of Victorian-era homes!) and a secret spiral stair to the top of the tower.  Fabulous!

The library was designed without windows, to protect the precious volumes inside.  Instead, we used a “sky” light – a light fixture that looks like a blue sky…

I could have a ton of fun in a library like that…what about you?



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2 responses to “Feature Number 2 in January 2011!

  1. Kathleen Isaacson

    I am sooo jealous! Not really, but it is beautiful and yes, I would have a lot of fun with that library.

    • I’m constantly out of space for my books – I could have a lot of fun trying to fill all those shelves up! Although, I may have to take a lot of vacation so I have time to read them all… 🙂

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