New Year of Projects

A new year is upon us – full of promise and potential.  With the Christmas decor safely tucked away for another year, my home is looking just a little naked.  Combined with a LOT of time spent indoors (it was 2 degrees outside this morning!), this fact has me dreaming about sprucing up my home.

Now, there are several projects that simply have to get done this year.  My children, who shall remain nameless, took it upon themselves to “help” peel wallpaper from the upstairs hallway.  (They also thought it would be fun to draw on said wallpaper with a red marker while they were supposed to be sleeping, but that’s another story).  So, I need to find a chunk of time and a tall ladder to remove the remaining wallpaper – including that really fun area above the stairs.

I also have several rooms that need to be painted – my living room, my daughter’s room (which, she informs me, will be painted pink on the next go-around.  She’s 4.  She’s evidently a future designer.  I happen to like her honeydew green walls, but what do I know?), and the above-mentioned upper hallway and staircase all need a fresh coat of paint.  The fun part will be choosing the colors!

What projects do you have on your list for 2011?  Leave me a comment – I’d love to hear what you have planned for this brand new year!


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