Love this RECLINER!?

Now, I’m not normally a fan of recliners.  You know – those lumpy, overstuffed, sad looking chairs that so many of us have in our homes at one time or another?  (I find that they are an essential piece of furniture in a man’s space, but that’s another story for another time).

I was out shopping with a client, looking for furniture for her nearly-bare family room, and we found this:

Retro Recliner Chair

This is just the cutest darn recliner I have ever seen!  The store we were shopping in had it on display in lime green leather; this fun color only magnified its retro lines and made it so playful.  And, its quirky over-sized buttons five the piece personality and pizzazz.

Even better was the scale of the chair.  Any of you who know me personally are well-aware of the fact that I am vertically-challenged.  Well, my client isn’t much taller than I am.  This chair is absolutely perfect for both of us (you will see dimensions and details at the Lane website, by clicking on the photo).  It’s very comfy and stylish at the same time.

We ordered one in red leather for my client’s family room.  I have it in mind for my own living room, when the time comes for a personal redecorating project; it will be great in my not-so-huge space!

I’m not anti-recliner; I’m just anti-ugly-recliner.  This one makes me happy.


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One response to “Love this RECLINER!?

  1. Paula Bongartz

    This is a very comfortable fitting recliner and the available colors are fun and fabulous. I’ll take 2!

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