No, I Haven’t Fallen From the Face of the Earth…

I am alive.  Yes, that may shock some of you, since I haven’t posted anything in FAR too long.  But, rest assured, I have not fallen from the face of the earth.

Thankfully, I have been attending to many new clients, and working with several past clients again – always the sincerest form of flattery.  I have also been working on an exciting new project that I hope to have up and running in the next several months!

While I’m not ready to reveal the project just yet, I will be sure to keep you posted on its development – and I’ll be sure to announce when it is ready!

In the meantime, I will try my very best to keep you informed about some of the latest information in the world of design.  Please try not to feel neglected.  I still love you all…  🙂


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