Just Like Havin’ a Baby

For the last several months, I have been working on a complete redesign of my website.  I’m not entirely sure why I chose to undertake this project during the spring and summer – the busiest time of year for a designer – other that the fact that my current website was hastily posted “just to have something” when I opened my studio last year.  My new site will be SO much better, that I just cannot wait to unveil it!  But, WOW, does it take a lot of time to get things in order – writing to do, photos to upload – months of work and waiting until the final result is born.

My goal is to have the site up and running by Monday; I will be at the Town of Warren 150th Year Celebration event on Saturday, July 31 (come out at see me if you are in the Western Wisconsin area!) from noon – 6 pm.  I will post an announcement when it has been launched – I would love to hear your feedback on the new content and the new look!

Also, I encourage you to “Like” me on Facebook, to follow my blog and to check my website regularly for new photos and information; invite a friend to do the same.  And, by all means, please leave design questions, comments or thoughts for me on all those sites; I’m happy to answer questions, and to hear what you think of my work.!


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