It Doesn’t Take Much…

I firmly believe that window treatments add the finishing touch to any room.  Even for homeowners who prefer things simple, with clean lines, a top treatment or drapery panel finishes any space beautifully.

In fact, I once counted myself as one who preferred windows to be open.  I don’t like elaborate, over-the-top window treatments.  Instead, a simple blind or shade to take care of the light and privacy issues was good enough for me.

However, the longer I have worked in this business, the more I have come to believe in the power of the window treatment.  Below are a few photos of a project we just installed.  My client wanted to keep her window trim exposed, and she needed light control and privacy, as this is her master bedroom.

We opted for a custom made Roman shade, which adds softness, color and pattern to the space, as well as taking care of the privacy issues.  It doesn’t take much to add punch to a room with a window treatment. What do you think?

We had it made of a striped faux silk fabric with a gorgeous drape.  The stripe picks up all the colors in the room, tying things together beautifully.  When the shade is raised, it creates its own valance!  Simple, elegant – enough.



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4 responses to “It Doesn’t Take Much…

  1. Kathleen Isaacson

    I like it. It is simple but very effective. Looks like a nice blend for the inside and outside.

  2. Those shades are gorgeous. Is it much more expensive to go custom than store bought?

    • It depends on what you mean by store-bought! Hunter Douglas has a product called “Vignette” which is a Roman shade. Of course, there are fewer fabric options, but the Hunter Douglas versions do have advantages to custom. The backside is cleaner looking, and one version rolls all the way into the headrail so it doesn’t take a lot of space at the top of the window.

      The Vignette is similar in cost to custom. The custom shades vary by fabric cost and repeat, so it’s hard to get a good handle on price with having some idea of fabric and size.

      There are ready-made Roman shades to be found in department and discount stores. These come in just a couple colors and a few “average” sizes – definitely cheaper, but not the same look as custom!

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