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It Doesn’t Take Much…

I firmly believe that window treatments add the finishing touch to any room.  Even for homeowners who prefer things simple, with clean lines, a top treatment or drapery panel finishes any space beautifully.

In fact, I once counted myself as one who preferred windows to be open.  I don’t like elaborate, over-the-top window treatments.  Instead, a simple blind or shade to take care of the light and privacy issues was good enough for me.

However, the longer I have worked in this business, the more I have come to believe in the power of the window treatment.  Below are a few photos of a project we just installed.  My client wanted to keep her window trim exposed, and she needed light control and privacy, as this is her master bedroom.

We opted for a custom made Roman shade, which adds softness, color and pattern to the space, as well as taking care of the privacy issues.  It doesn’t take much to add punch to a room with a window treatment. What do you think?

We had it made of a striped faux silk fabric with a gorgeous drape.  The stripe picks up all the colors in the room, tying things together beautifully.  When the shade is raised, it creates its own valance!  Simple, elegant – enough.



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Tooting the Horn

I have to toot my own horn once in awhile, right?  After all, if I don’t, who will? 

This week on Ava Living’s home page, one of my designs has been selected to be featured in the slideshow!  I am photo #10.  The category this week is Sun Rooms; the photo is from a project I completed last summer.

It’s always an honor to be featured by Ava Living.  Check it out and let me know what you think!  And, if you are interested in online design services, be sure to request your FREE Designer Room Review to get started.

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Spring, Where Have You Gone??

While the sun is shining here today, evidently May has decided to switch places with March.  Our beautiful April has been booted out by a rather cranky May, leaving us with cool windy days with small sprinkles of rain thrown in for good measure.

The gorgeous flowers I picked up yesterday will need to spend their nights indoors for awhile; we have snow flurries and frost predicted for this weekend!  Since I do live in the great north, I am not so naive as to think we were out of the woods yet.  After all, frost in June is not out of the question.

But with such a wonderful spring, I have already planted peas, lettuce and spinach with my kiddos.  Our Bleeding Heart plant is HUGE, and the tulips were simply amazing this spring. 

To get my flower fix, I thought posting a few pics of my tulips would be a lovely idea.  So, enjoy.  And, Spring:  when you decide to make a return visit, I’ll be ready!

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Need Fabric?

Greenhouse Design is offering some amazing prices on home decor fabrics during the month of May!  Take a peek at their website for some great deals, at a fraction of their regular prices.  You will see that prices are not listed, as the company deals through designers only.  But, here is a breakdown for your reference:

Value Fabrics:
$24.95/yd Feature Fabrics
$18.95/yd Outdoor Fabrics
$12.95/yd Designer Special
$2.95/yd Fabric Sale


The Value Fabrics are the groups on sale now.  Prices do not include shipping, which can vary depending on the size of the order.  I find it generally ranges between $10-$25 for most orders.

If you have a reupholstery, window treatment or bedding project coming up, take a peek at these fabrics – I found some must-haves for my own home!  Feel free to contact me if you would like to place an order.  Of course, I’m also available to help you design your new window treatments or fabric accessories, as well, and I have talented people who can create them for you!

At those prices, you may want to come up with new projects; did you notice that there are outdoor fabrics included in the sale??  Hmmmm – new patio cushions or drapery panels, perhaps??

Happy shopping!

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