Scrap Lights

We all want to reduce the amount of trash we produce; “green design” is all the rage right now.  But, let’s face it – unless a recycled or “green” product looks good, no one is actually going to use it.

I just found these light fixtures, made from corrugated cardboard; they are both recycled and pretty cool looking!  While they don’t take a very high wattage bulb, due to the heat produced and the resulting fire hazard, they do make a fun accent.  Thoughts?  Would you use them in your home or business?  Or do they still look too “green” for you?


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One response to “Scrap Lights

  1. I think they are quite beautiful, but very pricey for something made from cardboard. I also would be worried someone would disregard the low wattage and put in a too high wattage bulb and burn my house down! I might use one in a special spot, where only a low wattage would be desired.

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