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Leather Settee

I found this leather settee in the Ballard Designs catalog today.  I love the style and versatility of the piece!  It has been so difficult, in recent years, to find upholstered furniture that isn’t massive.  Unless you have a large, open room, these large sofas and chairs are just out of proportion.

I could see this piece as a part of a casual dining space, a bench in a master bedroom or a great reading nook in a loft or sunroom.  Where would you use it?


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Minimum Investment, Maximum Impact

Not every interior design project needs to start from scratch.  On one of my recent projects, my clients were happy with their master bathroom and kitchen backsplash tile.  However, they wished they had added more detail to the tile when they built their home originally.

That’s where I came in!  Instead of tearing all the existing tile out (why would we, when it’s in great condition, they still like it, and it’s expensive!) we simply removed specific tiles and replaced them with glass accent tiles.

Now, there was still a fair amount of noise and mess involved with the project, and not all of the tiles removed from the walls did so in one piece.  Since the homeowners had extra tiles stashed in their basement to replace any casualties, we were set to give the kitchen and master bath a fresh new look!

The bathroom tiles are glossy, contemporary glass mosaics.  The kitchen backsplash incorporated rustic glass tiles with slate.  When I get photos of the kitchen backsplash, I will be sure to post them for you.

For minimum investment of time and money, my clients are in love with their home all over again.  Let me know what you think – gets your wheels turning doesn’t it??  This could be done in your home, too!

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Save Energy & Save Money

Hunter Douglas is offering rebates on 3 of their most popular and energy-efficient window treatments from now through April 15:

  • $25 rebate on each Duette Architella honeycomb shade.  This innovative product features a cell within a cell for the ultimate in insulation at the window.
  • $100 rebate on each Silhouette with PowerRise and each Luminette with PowerGlide.  These companion products offer the versatility of a blind, with the softness of a sheer.  Combine that with the convenience of remote control operation, and you have the most popular products in the Hunter Douglas line!

I am a Certified Professional Hunter Douglas Dealer, and I would be happy to help you select the best window treatments for your home, budget and style.  And, some products also qualify for a Federal Tax Credit! 

If you would like more information on Hunter Douglas products, please visit their website.  Or, leave me a comment with your questions – I’m happy to answer them for you.

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Design Featured This Week on Ava Living

I’m excited to announce that one of my projects has been selected for feature on the Ava Living home page this week!  Check it out before Sunday evening, February 14, as it will be taken down to make way for next week’s featured designs.

This week is West Coast Living week on Ava Living; my design, although created for a couple in Wisconsin, clearly translates to areas all around the country.  Leave me a comment – I would love to know what you think! 

And, be sure to become a member at Ava Living (it’s FREE), so you can rate my rooms and get a FREE Designer Room Review!

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Drapery Rods Without the Hassle

I have hung more than my share of drapery rods in my years as a designer.  It always involves a measuring tape, a level, screws and an electric drill, and generally took a little bit of time to get it just right.

With a new product I just found, Ready Hang, you can install a curtain rod with no extra tools, and without making holes in your walls or trim. How, you ask?  This rod system attaches to the window frame, and holds the rod securely.  So, there is no need to drill into the wall for installation! 

I checked out their website, and they have some nice finish options and finial options.  The prices are very reasonable, as well.

This product won’t work for extra wide windows, as 72″ is the widest width available.  It also won’t work if you prefer mounting your rod-pocket drapery panels to the side of the window, instead of in front of it.  I often do this to keep the windows open, while adding fabric and softness to the space.  If using drapery rings, tab-top draperies or tie-top curtains, this product could still work for this configuration. 

Keep in mind, also, that the bracket keeps the panels from moving back and forth along the rod – same as any other drapery rod with standard brackets.

I think this is a great idea, however, for many applications.  In fact, as someone who has designed numerous model homes over the past 8 years, it would be a great product for the staging industry!  Instead of making holes in the walls, and wasting time with measuring, home stagers could be in and out quickly.  And, the product is easily reusable for the next job.

What do you think?  Is this something you would use in your home?

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Tips for Accessorizing Your Home

I just finished perusing the book Accessorize Your Home by Caroline Clifton-Mogg.  I’m always looking for new ways to display collections, hang artwork or arrange side tables.  If you need some fresh new ideas, you will enjoy this collection of photos and easy-to-read tips.

Accessorize Your Home

The rooms featured in this volume tend toward the cottage and casual styles, without a focus on very formal or traditional spaces.  The accessories are often shown in layered groupings, creating a decidedly “unstuffy” appearance.  However, there are some very symmetrical and precise groups of wall art featured, along with tips for getting them hung just right.

Have you read this book?  Perhaps used a tip or two in your home?  I would love to hear your thoughts about what worked for you!

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