Cluttered Kitchen Drawer? No More!

As someone who has collected an array of mismatched cutlery, I was so happy to have found the Kapoosh Universal Knife Block.  Although I have a lovely wood block to fit a particular set of knives, I also have a few hand-me-down knives.  My newest acquisition is a fantastic bread knife (thanks, mom!). 

Problem is, these knives don’t fit in the slots of my current knife block.  With the Universal Knife Block, however, I can store knives of any shape and size!  Much safer than keeping them in the kitchen drawer, and much better for the knives, as well. 

And, I was happy to see, they have not only contemporary styles such as stainless steel, but also more traditional wood styles.  What a find!


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One response to “Cluttered Kitchen Drawer? No More!

  1. There does seem to be a style to fit everyone’s taste. Looks like a great product.

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