Are You Colorblind?

I ran across a quick online color test, to determine whether you are colorblind in some form.  Thankfully, I am not colorblind!  As a designer, that would make things a little difficult. 

However, many people have some form of color blindness; in fact, I have worked with several colorblind clients over the years!  When it comes to color, they simply rely on someone else to make the decisions for their home – either me, or their wives (all my colorblind clients were men!). 

Take the test and leave me a comment – maybe you have a little colorblindness and never knew it!


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One response to “Are You Colorblind?

  1. I am colorblind..infact me and my mother are colorblind. And the thing you said in your post about colorblind people having to rely on someone else to help them is so true! Me and my mom can’t go anywhere when shopping for house things, or decorating, paint, etc. It’s just too hard for us to figure out what it is. Sometimes green looks like red, blue to purple, red to orange… You just never know with us. I just posted about my colorblind problems. Check it out on my page.

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