The Quooker

I found a cool product while browsing through a book on kitchen design – the Quooker!  This product is a faucet that dispenses water at boiling temperature.  How handy is that?  No more waiting for boiling water to make tea or hot cocoa.  And, really, the name is just fun.  This is definitely a luxury item, judging from the prices shown on the UK website.  I’m not entirely sure it’s available in the US at this time, either.  But, I thought it was a fun little tidbit to share – you  may decide you have to have one for your next kitchen remodel product!  If money were no object, is this a product you would want in your home?


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One response to “The Quooker

  1. Since I have a coffee pot that keeps me in hot water whenever I want it, I don’t know that I would buy one of these quookers. OTOH, it would probably heat the water at the time and save energy, so that may be an advantage.

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