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Cluttered Kitchen Drawer? No More!

As someone who has collected an array of mismatched cutlery, I was so happy to have found the Kapoosh Universal Knife Block.  Although I have a lovely wood block to fit a particular set of knives, I also have a few hand-me-down knives.  My newest acquisition is a fantastic bread knife (thanks, mom!). 

Problem is, these knives don’t fit in the slots of my current knife block.  With the Universal Knife Block, however, I can store knives of any shape and size!  Much safer than keeping them in the kitchen drawer, and much better for the knives, as well. 

And, I was happy to see, they have not only contemporary styles such as stainless steel, but also more traditional wood styles.  What a find!


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Powermats Eliminate Cords

I just ran across this great product – the Powermat!  Instead of having a zillion different cell phone and i-pod chargers laying around, this innovative device lets you charge your electronics simply by laying them on top of it!

Today’s homes are filled with so many gadgets – everyone seems to have several cell phones and mp3 players in their homes.  What a cool way to tame all those cords.  I so dislike having them draped all over my kitchen countertop!  What do you think – is this a “must have” item for your home?

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What Do You Want to Know?

I enjoy writing, and I have written articles on the subjects of interior design, decorating and home improvement at Suite 101.  Occasionally, I will be linking to one of them from this blog.  I love teaching homeowners about design and how to make their home decor projects successful!

Are there any subjects you would like to see me write about?  I am open to all suggestions!  Leave a comment with your suggestions, and you just may see an article link on that subject in the near future…

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Paint Sheen – How to Choose the Right One

I find that, aside from difficulty in choosing the right paint color, clients are often confused on the subject of paint finishes.  Selecting the right finish will ensure a durable finish and the best look for any painting project.  Has this been a challenge for you in the past?  I recently wrote an article on this subject (link above); leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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Are You Colorblind?

I ran across a quick online color test, to determine whether you are colorblind in some form.  Thankfully, I am not colorblind!  As a designer, that would make things a little difficult. 

However, many people have some form of color blindness; in fact, I have worked with several colorblind clients over the years!  When it comes to color, they simply rely on someone else to make the decisions for their home – either me, or their wives (all my colorblind clients were men!). 

Take the test and leave me a comment – maybe you have a little colorblindness and never knew it!

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Poll: Bathroom Color

Personally, I like the colors of water in a bathroom – shades of green and blue are lovely and soothing.  What is your favorite bathroom color?

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Showcase Hammond

I am very excited to be a part of the Showcase Hammond Business & Community Open House on Saturday, March 20, 2010!  This event is designed to showcase what Hammond, WI, has to offer the area – from businesses to non-profit organizations.

Join us from 10 am – 4 pm and enjoy seminars, demonstrations, prizes, food and more!  The event will be held at the St. Croix Central High School in Hammond, and it is FREE!

If you are an area business or organization and would like a booth, the cost is $10 to cover advertising expenses.  Registration forms can be found at the Hammond Library, or by calling 715/796-2281.  See you there!

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