Color of the Year 2010

Pantone, color authority for graphic, interior, product and fashion designers around the world, has announced that turquoise is the “it” color for 2010.

I don’t know.  This turquoise feels a little bit old to me; add a little peach or mauve, and you have the healthcare and senior living design colors of the early 1990s!

While turquoise is easy to work with, I’m not finding too many clients who are overly excited about its return.  It does take the Midwest a little longer than the East and West Coasts to embrace trends.  However, I find that the people who have lived through a strong trend the first time don’t wish to do it again in their homes.

Nonetheless, I’m sure we will soon be seeing this hue in home decor and accessories in large quantities.  It does have a timeworn feel, picking up that design trend for the year – old, tested, worn, bringing back our roots.  (See my color trend post for more info on trends for 2010).  I would like to pair it with a lovely terra cotta or a tomato red for maximum impact.

What do you think?  Are you ready for turquoise again?


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  1. I found a beautiful, batik piece of fabric in dark brown and that turquoise. I would love to do my bathroom in those colors. I am from the midwest, by the way.

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