Contractor Horror Stories

Have you ever hired a contractor for a home improvement project, only to have the project go terribly wrong?  I have heard numerous horror stories from my clients over the years, and I have unfortunately experienced some of my own!

I am so very thankful to have a fantastic group of local contractors I can recommend to my clients.  There are some ways you can check out your contractor prior to hiring him for the job.  I just wrote an article on the subject, and you can find it here.

Of course, to avoid disappointment, you need to do your homework in finding a quality contractor to work with.  Also, be sure you have realistic expectations of how long your project should take, how much it will cost and the headaches that are inevitable during any home improvement project!  Sometimes, the contractor is bad.  Sometimes, headaches are just a part of the deal.

Share your contracctor horror stories here – feel free to vent (politely) and we can all commiserate together.


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