Made in the USA

I was browsing around the Greenhouse Design website, looking for some trendy new fabrics for a class I will be teaching in February.  They have some great stuff – as always.  But, what caught my eye was a section labeled “Fabrics Made in the USA.”

Over the past half-dozen years, it seems that all the fabric mills in the United States have closed down, moving fabric production to China, Korea or Thailand.  I really hate seeing that happen, as all the factory jobs move with the factories!  Take a look at clothing labels; most everything is made in Asia these days.

I was pleasantly surprised to see many options for home decor fabrics, including the Outdoor Fabrics collection, that are actually made in the US!  If I have the option to purchase a fabric made in the US, or one woven in China, I will certainly be choosing the one made stateside.  Without our support and purchases, these mills cannot stay in business, and the migration of our nation’s jobs will continue.

Obviously, as a designer, the color, pattern and price have much to do with my selections; clients don’t want a fabric that won’t work in their homes, no matter where it’s made.

How about you?  If you have the option to choose a product made locally, or at least within the US, do you choose that product because of the place it’s made?  Or, do you even check labels anymore?  And, what do you think of some of the Greenhouse Fabrics options made in this country?  Leave me a comment, and let me know your thoughts.



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3 responses to “Made in the USA

  1. It pleases me to know that fabric is still being made in the U.S.A. I thought all production had gone overseas. Yes, I’ll look for it and try to use it first.

    I try to make it a habit to check where a product is made before I make a final selection, although sometimes I forget. Usually I’ll pay a little more for domestically produced goods.

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