Green Design: Save the Earth or Save Money?

I read an interesting article in the October 2009 issue of Architect Magazine the other day.  (Yes, I am WAY behind on reading my stack of magazines!)  They did a survey of US architects, to find out whether they feel world climate change is caused by human sources, whether it is not really occuring at all, and how those beliefs factor into green design in their practices.

It was interesting to see that nearly half of the architects surveyed did not choose green design because of climate change issues.  In fact, many of them felt mankind had little to do with climate change!  Instead, they choose green design features, such as water-saving plumbing fixtures or the addition of solar collection systems because of the cost savings involved.

What do you think?  Do you feel climate change is a bunch of garbage?  Or, do you feel that mankind is causing horrific changes to our planet?  If you are an architect or interior designer, what changes do you make to your designs to make them more “green?”  And, do you make those changes for cost savings or to save the planet?   I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on this controversial issue.


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