New Holiday Decor

If the same old jack-o-lanterns have you bored to tears, try something new this Halloween season! Who says Halloween is only about orange and black? Instead of carving pumpkins, why not paint them in fun, new color tones? Spray paint pumpkins or gourds of all sizes and shapes with tomato red, ocean blue or vivacious violet to add a splash of unexpected color to your home. Group them on your front porch, entry table or kitchen island for added interest during your holiday events. Hollow them out, and use them as vases to create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for your holiday party. Use a simple burlap fabric as a textural backdrop on your holiday table. Its rough, rustic texture and natural color tones will play up the eye-popping colors on the pumpkins or metallic decor. Burlap is also very inexpensive, making it the perfect addition to your holiday budget….


See more holiday decorating ideas in the newest issue of Valley Women & Beyond Magazine, available FREE at newsstands throughout the St. Croix and Mississippi River Valleys in MN and WI.


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