Question of the Week: Have You Built a New Home?

For those of you who have built a new home in the past, I am enlisting your help.  What is one thing you wish someone had told you before you built?  Was it a tip on how to choose a builder?  Or, to get something in writing before you began?  Or, perhaps you would recommend a particular flooring choice or lot size?  I want to know your best new home building tip – anything at all!  Leave your comments here – I’d love to know what you learned during your building experience!



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2 responses to “Question of the Week: Have You Built a New Home?

  1. I have designed many remodels and additions, and completed designing and building 2 new homes. The one thing that caused the most unplanned expense was the fact that I did not consult an architect for input on the excavation and land prep. With a lot surveyed for slopes and boundaries it is obvious, to someone trained in the field, that certain model homes are not designed well for certain landscapes or narrow lots, etc. for instance, a walk out basement, no problem, but add a garage on the end, which doesn’t normally have a basement, and you end up having to add the cost of a steel reinforced garage floor with a lower level, due to the slope of the land. Another time having to bring in truck loads of fill to have a somewhat level back yard. Then the next year, we decided on pool, which was not guaranteed because of the unstable back yard. So we had to dig it all out, and re-fill, compacting every foot…very expensive. (and stupid for making the same mistake twice)

    • You are so right! Knowing when to consult a professional is so important. I certainly consult a professional doctor or dentist when I need to, instead of trying to treat myself. Why should home building or remodeling be any different? Consult those who do it for a living, and we can save ourselves tons of grief (and money!) in the long run.

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