Trends – Are They For You?

In my line of work, clients and associates always like to find out what the latest color and home decor trends are.  This year, we are seeing a continued resurgance of blues and grays, with pops of bright colors such as lime green, fuschia and violet.  Global, tribal patterns are also going to be hot.  For more detail on the color and pattern trends for 2010, check out

I love to hear about new trends, too – it’s always fun to know what we will be seeing in the stores, and to see new things.  It’s like Christmas morning to a designer!  However, not all the trends need to end up in our homes.

My thought on design trends is this:  if you like them, bring them into your home.  If you don’t like them, leave them behind.  It’s that simple.  Just because something is trendy, doesn’t mean it fits your personal style.  If lime green makes your skin crawl, by all means, stick with sage green!  If violet really trips your trigger, incorporate it into your home in small amounts at first, unless you have the budget for a total room makeover.

Being trendy isn’t about redecorating your entire home.  It’s about bringing in one or two pieces in the latest colors or patterns – provided you actually LIKE them – and adding them to what you already have.  This is, of course, easiest to do if you keep your major pieces rather neutral and classic in both style and color.  A classic brown leather sofa can hold a number of patterned and colored pillows, and these can be changed out on a whim – even on a small budget.  Or, bring that new color in your room by painting one accent wall.  Paint can be easily changed next year, when you want to change your look again.

Design trends don’t need to rule our lives or our homes; use them as a starting point.  Just as most fashion seen on the runways of Paris doesn’t end up in our closets, not all home fashion trends need to end up in our homes.  But, with a little creativity, our homes can remain classic statements of our personal style, while incorporating just a little of the latest look.



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2 responses to “Trends – Are They For You?

  1. Great tip about keeping major pieces neutral!

    • Thanks – sometimes, it’s all about practicality! I haven’t met the client yet who has an unlimited budget. I have met many clients who purchased a trendy floral or plaid sofa a few years back and now cannot stand it! Keep large, expensive pieces neutral, and add a pop of the latest trend colors and patterns. Your bank account will thank you.

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