Will It EVER End??

The wallpaper-removal project is STILL in the works!  You may remember my last wallpaper saga, when I posted about the hope it brought out in me.  Check it out for a refresher.  I had to; I need hope that this project will end sometime this millenium!  Granted, I took a week and a half off when I had family coming to visit – a quick cleaning of the shredded wallpaper, and I was good to go.  But, boy, was it hard to get motivated to finish the project!  I knew the next part of the project was going to get nasty…

I began sanding the areas of the walls that I had filled almost 2 weeks ago with joint compound.  I was hoping to avoid this filling step, but the wallpaper didn’t come off as easily as I had dreamed it would.  Yes, I was delusional.  I completely underestimated the mess of white dust this would create.  It covered me and everything within breathing distance of the bathroom.  To compound matters, I tried vacuuming up the dust with a shop vac.  It was missing its filter, unbeknownst to me, and shot fine, white dust throughout the main level of my house!  So, now not only is the bathroom a wreck, but a lovely layer of dust has settled on every surface and in every nook and cranny of my living room, kitchen and dining room.  Nice.

Had to bring out the heavy artillery for this dusty job!  And, although I have plenty of gray hair, what you see here is dust...

Had to bring out the heavy artillery for this dusty job! And, although I have plenty of gray hair, what you see here is dust...

But, all this mess has given me new motivation to get this project done!  I can’t handle the dust anymore; I dislike moving the shower curtain in and out of the room so I can take a shower between sanding sessions.  I do think I’m nearing the end.  I have one more round of sanding to do, then (HOPEFULLY) I can start washing the dust from the walls.  Have any of you had the pleasure of taking on a project like this?  Leave your comments – it’s always nice to know that I am not the only one in history to have this much fun!!  Next step – priming!  Check back for the next update…


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