Cheap Eats

If you, like me and every other family in America, are trying to cut costs wherever you can, food is a great place to start.  I have found some fantastic websites that can help you do just that.  If you are looking for some frugal recipes and shopping tips, check these out: – this mom can literally feed a family of 4 for under $5 each night!  She is a savvy shopper and knows how to eat well for less. – Mary Hunt is the author of the Cheapskate Everyday newspaper column, and has tips on saving money throughout your everyday life.  However, she also has archives of some great recipes that save you time and money.  Make-ahead mixes, like a biscuit mix, are great alternatives to more expensive store-bought brands. – Tips on all kinds of saving!  And some fun recipes, too! – This site will show you the weekly specials at your local stores, plus match them up to coupons and tell you where to find them!  There is a small charge to use the resources, but you save more than that each week with coupons! – This isn’t really a frugal site.  But, I think many of this author’s recipes lend themselves to budget cooking.  For example, when cauliflower is on sale, you stock up and cook and puree it for use in future recipes.  It stores really well in the freezer until you need it.  Plus, as an added bonus, your kids get veggies into their tummies without knowing it!  🙂

What great frugal cooking sites have you found?  I would love to hear about your favorite finds – I’m always looking for new ways to save a buck!


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