A New Home for Old Furniture

Has your basement become something of a furniture graveyard?  Have you inherited more furniture than you can fit into your house?  Did you recently purchase new furniture?  I am often asked where my clients can donate their pre-loved furniture.  Thankfully, there is a local non-profit called We Do Feet!  They are a ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church in Hudson, WI, and they have a warehouse to store and distribute used furniture to people in need within the St. Croix River Valley area.  Furniture is needed by people just coming out of shelters, abuse victims setting up a new home or apartment and current or new area residents in need.  As you can imagine, the need is even greater in these ecomonic times!  If you have a piece of gently used furniture taking up space in your home, please contact Trinity Lutheran Church at 715/386.9313.  They will put you in touch with We Do Feet, and they will arrange for pick-up or drop-off of your donated pieces.  They are willing to take on just about any type of furniture in usable condition – the only things they cannot accept are king-sized mattresses, sleeper sofas or appliances.  Especially needed are mattresses and sofas.  Give that old furniture a new home – there are many in the St. Croix River valley who will thank you!


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